PREGNANCY YOGA (Ante natal yoga)

(Birthlight/Yoga Gro/Classical Yoga)

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful, safe and gentle way to exercise, enjoy your growing baby, relax and prepare for childbirth and beyond.  It is suitable for all women from the second trimester (14 weeks) onwards. No previous yoga experience is required.  The classes consists of time to gently stretch, tone, relax and breathe in small groups so individual attention can be given to each person. Handouts are provided.  Coffee mornings are arranged half termly along with an additional active birth class which birth partners are welcome to attend.  Yoga balls are provided should you prefer to sit on one. The yoga is modified for those with pelvic pain. 

For more information including photos and articles visit my Facebook page or FAQ's  https://www.facebook.com/yogaforallherts



Face to face                     Tuesday 8th June 8 p.m.  for 4 weeks

I will then give you dates of the classes over the summer period

 If miss I class, I send you a class to do via You Tube.

Alternatively, packages of You Tube classes each with their own theme are available (including a birth preparation class for you and your birth partner)

TO BOOK ON EMAIL penny@yogaforallherts.com

facebook page https://www.facebook.com/yogaforallherts

To see a class speeded up https://www.facebook.com/315987605400985/videos/249826959719153

Pregnancy yoga benefits include:-
        -  Strengthens and tones safely the pelvis, pelvic floor and all               areas of the body (suitable for those with pelvic pain and 
           modifications are given)
         - Encourages good posture in class and for everyday life
         - Helps try to get baby in the optimal foetal position for birth
         - Can aid digestion and circulation
         - Can help alleviate certain pregnancy discomforts such as                  heartburn, tiredness, headaches, backache
         - Breathing techniques for pregnancy, labour and beyond
         - Care of the pelvis to try to prevent pelvic girdle pain or can               help if suffering from this.
         - Deeply relaxing and nurturing
         - Helps you bond with your baby
         - Encourages friendships within the group
         - Helps you feel prepared for birth
         - Helps you feel calm and positive

I hope these classes will be a valuable asset to you in pregnancy, for birth and beyond. People tend to join and continue until they have the baby with friendships continuing after.  Whether you are 14 weeks or 42 weeks you are welcome.
Prices: (including handouts)
£40 for 4 classes face to face. You also get a yoga pack, useful contacts list and 1:1 support should you need it. Should you miss the class, I send you the YouTube class.  If you are near the end of your pregnancy, you pay £10 a class.  
Alternatively you can buy 5 YouTube classes for £30 or 10  You tube classes including birth preparation for £50.  
POST NATAL YOGA  Yoga just for you (babies are welcome)
4 week course
Cost £40 including a post natal yoga pack 

4 week course starts on Tuesday 8th June 12-13.00  Also available on Zoom if you wish to participate from home

Check out the speeded up video on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/315987605400985/videos/663365477329861

This course offers a gentle way for the body to recover after birth. Good posture, pelvic floor and other toning and stretching exercises are taught along with breathing and relaxation to help calm mind and body.  A gentle yoga flow sequence is taught as well as some post natal core work and relaxation.  Exercises to help if you have Diastasis Recti are included. Babies are welcome to attend if you wish.
For more information on either pre natal (pregnancy yoga) or post natal yoga call Penny on 07944 416572 or email me on the contact me page or email penny@yogaforallherts.com
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