Baby Massage & Yoga in Herts
To book on a course or for more information call 07944 416572 or email me on the contact me page
Penny Constantinou welcomes all.
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Baby Massage
Baby Yoga
Crawlers Yoga
Post natal yoga
The International Association of Infant Massage Training Programme is now accredited by the Royal College of Midwives
Baby Massage CD now available-all the songs covered on the course and more
Rain rain go away
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Private parent hosted courses are run anywhere in Herfordshire and the  Essex, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire borders. 

Times & dates to suit, great for NCT and other groups of friends.  1:1 courses are also available including for premature babies.

Phone now to book a private group course starting in January 2016
OTHER COURSE VENUES:    All courses are 5 weeks long unless stated
Royston       Complementary Health Centre  (4 week course)                                                        Tuesday 23rd February  10-11.30
Ware                       Ware Arts Centre-Thursday 25th February 10-11.30

Cheshunt      Allsorts Children's Centre-Fridays 10-11.30 (call for more                                       information). Courses also run in Essendon

Bishops               Monday 22nd February 11.30-1 

  For more information including articles visit my facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/Baby-Massage-149993454878/                      
Children's Centres and Health Centres
Penny also runs courses for children's centers and health centres. She is happy to run free taster sessions.

What is covered on the baby massage course?
 The course includes:-
  • Massage strokes for the feet, legs, tummies, back, face, chest, hands and arms, gentle movements
  • Massage instruction for wind, colic, constipation, sleeping, reflux, calming and teething
  • Techniques to help soothe, calm and understand crying
  • How you can strengthen the bonding process
  • Relaxation techniques for you and your baby
  • Adapting strokes as the child gets older
  • How love including touch shapes a baby's brain
  • Songs and rhymes during the massage
  • Sensory toys during topics and informal chatting
  • Time to socialise
  • Home made cakes, complementary oils, course handouts

PRICES (which include complementary cold pressed organic sunflower oil with vitamin E, comprehensive course handouts, sensory toys and home made cakes).
Baby massage courses: £60 for group courses
For private groups of 4 + people £60 per child for a 4-5 week course lasting around 90 minutes
2-4 people (private groups) £120 per child for a 4 week course lasting around 90 minutes
1:1 tuition £180 per child for a 4 week course lasting around 90 minutes
Prices differ for Children's Centres

To enjoy the wonders of yoga in pregnancy, baby massage, baby yoga or post natal yoga learn more about your child and have fun, call today
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